What we do

A Culinary Affair takes care of your event from start to finish. We think of things you may not yet have thought of. Having accumulated many years of experience, we can either support you in your event planning, or completely take over your event. The following matters are just an example of what A Culinary Affair can do for you.

We start off by discussing your ideas and wishes. What is your idea of the perfect event? Based on these wishes, A Culinary Affair gives advice and comes up with a number of ideas. If you like them, we will draw up a proposal with a matching quotation. We understand, of course, that changes might have to be made, so in the run-up to the event there is always room for adjustments.

We believe that sustainable thinking is one of the most important aspects in life; in relationships with our clients, our team and in the way in which we organise our events. We take a personal approach and have a well-thought out way of working when it comes to managing our kitchen, waste, choosing rental material, styling and all other event management-related aspects. We aim to meet today’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

Taking care of your event from
start to finish